Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Quiet House

Katie is at camp this week, and without her the house is so quiet. I miss her. 

We dropped her off on Sunday. She got a bottom bunk, which was what she wanted. I hope she is having a fabulous time.

Today we went on an outing and ended up at a "build your own yogurt sundae" place called Sweet Frog.
Travis and I are all about documenting our food.

A wall of yogurt machines! (I had chocolate and coconut. Travis had Everything except Cotton Candy. I think Ed had caramel. And probably vanilla.)

It tasted even better than it looked!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Widow Falls

As we were headed out the door for an afternoon at Widow Falls today, our friendly new neighbor, Mark, stopped by to see if Travis wanted to play video games. We told him where we were off to, and he thought he'd like to come along. So he did. And it was fun! He slid down the rocks with Travis, which saved Katie the trouble of being encouraged (repeatedly) to do so. 

And I got to read.

This butterfly settled on my backpack and kept me company.

And then, ice cream. I got Moose Tracks, which was just the thing.

Friday, July 17, 2015

A Day at the Lake

We spent the day at Hungry Mother State Park, up in Marion, Virginia. An absolutely beautiful day for it, and we had a great time! 

Poor Ed is still burned from our "pool day," so I mostly kept him in the shade. Fortunately there are big oaks shading part of the beach, so we soon moved the blanket under them.

We rented a paddle boat again. I started off comfortably in the back, like Cleopatra in her green fiberglass barge, but they did make me so a bit of paddling! We went down a meandering little area of the lake which was lined with rhododendrons in bloom. Really lovely.

Mr. Krabs. (From Sponge Bob, you know!)

The diving platform. Katie found the high board rather... high. But eventually she Did jump!

Here she is, still dithering.

And here is her splash!

And afterwards we went to our favorite ice cream place in Virginia! They still don't have Cappuccino Crunch back, but I made do.

And Ed and Travis had fun with the crane machines! Ed got Minions for me and for Katie, and a green monkey.

Travis needed this dinosaur. He doesn't take after Ed in many obvious respects, but he does share Ed's deft touch with the crane machine!

Of course, having all these Minions inspires Ed to his best Evil Genius laugh! Mwah ha ha!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pool Day

We're having a quiet summer, and also what feels like a short one. Literature/history and chemistry ran late, and we'll be Latin-ing all summer, in preparation for the new Latin classes (online, with a teacher in Colorado) the kids will be starting this coming school year. Travis is planning on taking a class or two at the community college, and those start in mid-August, and the Latin classes start around the same time. So, short summer. But....

today we went to the pool.
It is a very nice pool, up the road, in Ararat. They have big oaks, so that one can move ones towel into the shade and read when it gets too hot in the sun. And a "zero entry" end, for those of us who really like to ease into the water. And a big slide, and a rope to swing on, and diving boards. A good place to spend an afternoon.

Also, because we are all about non-stop fun when we aren't nosing the grindstone, we went to see the new Minion movie on Sunday afternoon. Katie' idea, and it was a good one! Minions are darling.

Tomorrow we are spending with various dentists (yee haw!!!), but we're planning to finish out the week, weather permitting, with a trip to "our" lake in Virginia. Hooray! I imagine that by mid-August we'll be so worn out by all this madcap fun that getting back to math, science, etc., etc. will feel positively restful!