Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Merry Christmas!

Despite the shadow cast by Mom's illness we had a very happy Christmas! The kids were exceptionally agreeable and set all quarrels aside for the day, and we enjoyed a wonderful day of dancing, music, good food, and love. Mom weakened badly in the last few days, so we brought some Christmas dinner over to Mom & Dad's house and missed having them join us around the table, but otherwise the holiday was just lovely.

Here's this year's little tree. Decorated by Katie on Christmas Eve, after being repeatedly un-decorated by Kali.

The traditional crepes and ice cream breakfast!

The kids kept the music coming all day, and there was much silly dancing!

A modern update of the Rubik's cube.

Ed got his own slot machine!

The kids gave each other tabletop Foosball and air hockey, and Travis gave Ed a (very small) slot machine and me a slightly smaller Q*bert video game (which I am entirely hopeless at). With Katie's new deck of Harry Potter decorated playing cards, we are now ready to set up our own game room.

Also, Ed got new bath towels. Many, many new bath towels. It's been a "thing" with him, wanting nicer towels, and I think his need is now satisfied.

More dancing.

My Q*bert game.

Travis, with one of his full arm tattoos, compliments of my dear college roommate, Darcy, and her husband!

More dancing, Ed wearing his new, authentically-Kali-chewed-and-Katie-patched sweater.

I got Ed 2.5 lbs of licorice. He was surprised and pleased.

The slot machine.

The cats were suspicious of their gifts, though it didn't take them long to become entranced by the laser light toy Darcy sent them, or the scratching board. Finn, however, was like a little kid, super excited about each present, then eagerly looking for the next one.

So, as you can see, a very happy Christmas. I hope yours was too!