Saturday, June 02, 2018

The Pocket Paradise is Ours!

That dreamy house we looked at in my last post? We bought it! The sellers were eager to sell and as of May 25 that lovely, lovely house is ours! We are just So delighted with it.

So now we are moving. Which is... well, a bit of a pain in the neck. But the new place is so awesome and offers exciting new opportunities for the kids -- new community college with a "digital effects and animation technology" track, and a new high school for Katie that will offer a wider range of classes, plus we think a close friend of hers will be transferring there too -- and we don't plan to move again (I told Ed the other night that now I get what those people are thinking in the movies you see where a family moves into a new house and it soon proves to be Haunted by Malevolent Spirits. You-the-Viewer are thinking "Just get Out for goodness sake!," but the family just wipes the blood off the walls and ignores their rapidly approaching doom. But now I get it. They Moved. All their Stuff. And they would rather take their chances with the Forces of Evil than move again. I'm Sure our new house is Not haunted, but if it were I'd sooner tackle ghosts than pack all our stuff again!).

The new yard is, as I said before, not large, but the planting beds are nicely laid out and I am Really looking forward to playing in them. And I've already used my new Mower! It's electric, and an absolute Dream. Quiet and effective.

  (Here you see what is currently a thriving poison ivy and bramble bed. I hope it will soon be full of roses and flowers!)

And Ed's weeping willow! He had one in his yard when he was a kid.

The creek out back. Full of bricks proving that we are not the first to think a "sea wall" might save our yard from eroding away.

  (A more flattering picture from a month ago.)

My future library.

My laundry room!

And the sun room out back.

Katie's new art desk! It was in the laundry room, but we hauled it up the stairs to her art room.

And Katie at her dance recital.

The cats. They are looking cranky, but they love all the boxes!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Dream a Little Dream

Springtime. The time of year when a not-so-young girl's thoughts turn to .... well, more like return to dreams of possible gardens and so on. North Carolina is just spectacularly beautiful this time of year. Dogwoods, redbuds, flowering crabapples, wisterias, cherry trees, and so on. It's really breathtakingly lovely. Still a little cool for reading outdoors most days, but we're getting there!

In other news, we are continuing to look into moving closer to the city. Ed and I seem to have settled on two areas we like -- quiet neighborhoods with plenty of walkable streets -- and so it's a matter of corralling funds and finding the right house. Yesterday we looked at a couple, and one stood out as having some really lovely qualities...

Beautiful landscaping in the front and back yards!

(0.6 acres, which is smaller than the last place we looked at, but still very nice)

(It backs up to Tanglewood Park!)

But wait! There's more!
You also get this...
swimming pool! A real, in-ground pool. Heated and all. Finny says he needs a pool, and he promises he'll take care of it! (Finny has picked up a thing or two from Travis and Katie)

Finny and Ed aren't the only ones building castles in the air, though. This room sings "library," don't you think? It's a finished basement, with a door out onto the back patio. 

Of course, I know I'm being silly, as this one would be even more of a stretch than the last, but it's fun to dream, anyway! And a spring day out with my sweetie is a fine thing, even if nothing concrete is accomplished!

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Happy Easter!

We had a lovely Easter service up at church, with beautiful music (we had a guest trumpeter!), a fine homily, and the baptism of a particularly attractive and well-behaved baby. Flowers everywhere, a fine spread of food for the coffee hour afterwards... it was beautiful and uplifting.

And then we came home and held the First Annual Campbell Academy for Young Lady Cats Egg Hunt!

(Gussy's first egg had a catnip mouse in it. Why look further?)

It went much as these events often do, I believe. The youngest "child" found a catnip mouse in her first egg and, completely delighted with this first find, had no interest in looking further. The oldest was overwhelmed and appalled by the chaos and retreated under the couch. And the middle child found almost All of the eggs and ate the candy (well, cat treats) inside them.

My brother came up for a few days of fly fishing with my dad, and prepared and hosted a wonderful Passover dinner here on Friday night. The prayers and readings went a bit off track (he picked up a Passover haggadah from Publix when he bought food supplies in Charlotte, which is where his flight from Florida came in, and apparently it wasn't what he was used to), but the food came out superbly! Might have been the best charoset I've ever had! Katie got to read the Four Questions, Dad and Jeremy read prayers in Hebrew, and we all drank many glasses of wine. A Passover dinner that couldn't be beat, as Arlo Guthrie would say.

And I really thing spring Is here this time. At least, I don't see any more freezing weather in the next ten days of forecast, so I'm choosing to believe that warmer days are coming. Hooray!