Saturday, June 11, 2016

Signs of Detente

Olivia is becoming more tolerant of Finn's presence. 

Even when we put up the baby gate (to confine Finny to the back room, in order to limit the household items he steals and devours), Olivia leaps over to the Finn side. And when he is in his crate she likes to stand right near the crate. I don't know if she is taunting him or sympathizing. At any rate, he continues to adore her.

Otherwise things are much as usual around here, except that it has been beautiful out, and sometimes even  warm enough.

Olivia still likes Katie's book shelf.

And Katie's chair. Actually, everyone's chairs.

Here she's helping Travis. Actually, she's sitting on his literature discussion notes. As you can see, he doesn't care. Though, after having to go back and reread Conrad's Heart of Darkness, he did sort of enjoy it.

She condescends to be carried sometimes, and lolls like Cleopatra on her barge.

But when I was feeling peaky the other day she sweetly kept me company.

She claims the greater part of my desk chair.

And she has Ed wrapped around her little paw.

Finn has completely gotten over his hesitation about the pool!

 (Okay, some days are warm enough to skip the sweatshirt. Other days still call for one, plus fluffy socks. Still, it's only early June!)

I just Love the way his jowls bag out when he's peering into the water. He likes to dive for carrot pieces. Well, anything, really.

All he needs now is a snorkel!

There! No sweatshirt!

The noble face! (Actually, that is his expression when he is scanning for "grabbables." He is still a shameless thief, I'm afraid.

But the hedgepig is his. It squeaks, and he loves it, though he treats it badly.

Blurry, as I took it through the window, but he's brought his two favorite shrub pots into the pool. Big plastic pots, and he loves to fling them up in the air. And also, apparently, into the water. Goofy pup.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Summer! Finally!

Not that the kids are finished with school, but they do seem to be headed that way. And it is absolutely beautiful. Finn and I have been enjoying lovely walks every evening and I'm finally reading in my deck chair again. 

Also, Olivia, in a tutu. Pretty cute, eh?

And Harry has packed on quite a few pounds over the last few weeks. He's looking much less scraggy. I wish Olivia would adopt his tolerant, forgiving attitude towards Finn, because he really does find her utterly fascinating.

The kids had their piano recital. Both acquitted themselves respectably.

Afterwards we celebrated with a trip to the pirate restaurant. It was very good.

And... Olivia.

Practicing making scary faces. She's getting pretty good.

She  has had some viscous looking claws. Thursday we took her to the vet's for booster shots, and the veterinary technician kindly showed us how to to clip her nails.

Doesn't Finny look tragic? He wants so badly to give her a good thorough mouthing, and she is completely opposed to the idea. It really does make him woeful.

Where's Olivia?

Did you find her? She likes lurking behind the books. Fortunately, the books on her favorite shelf are Katie's, not mine!

And another of Finn, thinking wistful thoughts about that sweet kitten he'd like so much to play with. He has no idea that she is only about three feet away, in Travis's paper organizer.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


She's awfully cute. Also very vocal and astonishingly springy. She still does not approve of Finny at all (Katie has the scratches to prove this, having foolishly brought Olivia closer to Finny's crate than Olivia wanted to be.) However, she is growing like crazy, and I'm sure that once she's not so small she'll feel less threatened. At least I hope so.

Anyway, here she is, helping Travis with his math. She says Olivias love precalculus!

They love the way it shreds between their teeth and turns to confetti in their claws.

Fortunately, Travis is not one to take his math homework too seriously, so Olivia's contributions to the job are not a problem.

She thinks bookshelves are a cozy place for sleeping. I let her get away with it the One Time, but this is not going to be a thing. Cat hair in the books. At least, I hope it's not going to be a thing.

It's hard to say "no" to someone so cute and little!

Finny went to the vet's and got "tutored" on Thursday. I was worried (about the anesthesia part), but he came through with flying colors and is now back to his exuberant self, despite doctor's orders to spend 7-10 days resting quietly. We are trying to keep him quiet, but it's an uphill battle.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mouser in Training

The mouse/mice does not yet have cause for concern, but Olivia says she's "working on it." Researching mouse hunting strategies. Then sleeping on it. Lots of sleeping on it.

She has defeated the evil roll of toilet paper, though. That problem is fully solved. Whew!

Finn, though, is off his feed. Depressed by our refusal to let him "play" with the new kitten. (The new kitten shows a dramatic disinclination to play with him, and we are hoping that if we give her a little time she will warm to him.) Anyway. We got a wading pool yesterday, in the hope that a good splash would lift his spirits. And I think it did raise them a bit!

Harry thinks we've gotten him the world's biggest water bowl!

Finn was very skeptical at first.

The kids had to use a combination of treats and force to introduce him to the joys of swimming. Further proof, as if the lack of retrieving interest wasn't enough, that he's a bit of a hoax as a "golden retriever." All flash and no substance, as it were. Fortunately he's sweet and decorative, and also we don't actually need a dog to retrieve ducks we don't shoot. Still, it's kind of embarrassing.

Once he got the idea, though, he was okay with the pool, and very enthusiastic about running around like a lunatic and leaping up to catch sprayed water.

Now that's the puppy smile I love!

Olivia spent some time on my desk today. She defeated my camera strap. She says it is all part of her master plan to destroy the mouse. I defer to her expert knowledge.