Friday, November 27, 2015

A Belated "Happy Thanksgiving" to All!

It was just a small gathering this year, again, but nice. 

The usual foods, plus peas, in honor of my dad, who mentioned wishing for them. One of the perks of being fifty is that I no longer feel the slightest hesitation in declining peas when a parent suggest them, but they were there, and cooked to perfection (for peas), for those who like such things. I juiced up the cranberries this year with orange peel and JD Tennessee Honey whiskey, and the sweet potatoes were even better than usual (I make good sweet potatoes) with a little maple syrup.  Ed's turkey was, as always, first class. The pies were/are very good, even with dextrose instead of normal sugar and gluten free flour in the crusts, but even so, pies no longer agree with me. But I've discovered lactose free chocolate ice cream lately so I'm feeling grateful anyway!

This is what happens to fat kitties who hang out under the table while people are playing Bananagrams!

And now for the Finny pictures!

Aren't they cute?

I just love the way the boy and the pup have matching expressions here.

"And Mama in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap, had just settled our brains for a long winter's nap!"

We got Finny a Christmas hat, but he doesn't love it as you might think he would.

Here he is, looking like a fine reading companion. The pretense did not last long.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Finny "Helps" with Dinner

Yeah, right!
Finny really wants to be in the kitchen when dinner is being made. He's sure I want his help. Which is sweet, but he's getting too big for hopeful leaps toward the counter to be charming. Still, he's my sweet baby boy, and, as well as food, he does want to be companionable. Thus.... the long lead. 

Here he is looking dreamy while munching a chunk of frozen banana! 

And here, banana gone, he is as close to me as the leash allows. Giving me the sad puppy eyes.

Katie is quick to comfort a "lonely" pup, though!

An action shot!

Trying to sneak in a little reading with a toothy, playful pup is a bit quixotic. I realize that now.

This is for those (you know who you are) who accuse me of never being stern with my children. I am giving Katie, photographing her mother in a peaceful moment, a Forbidding Look.

And... Ed! He is trying out this guitar, seeing if it suits. I think it sounds pretty great.

Finny, giving a stalk of celery a squinting, critical look. Celery raw may develop the jaw, but Finny only cares for it when it is stuffed with peanut butter.

(Don't worry -- he got a slice of banana, to ease his anguish. And then I doctored the celery up with peanut butter and he numbled it right on down! He got a bit spoiled today, since he went in to the vet's for his 16 week visit, including a shot, poor lamb. And he gets to go back on Friday for a final booster of something or other. But, we found out that he now weighs 31 pounds! And he is, according to the vet, in perfect shape. Yay!)

And here is my hand. The middle finger actually looked worse, at one point. Just as dead and waxy looking as... well, a wax finger. And utterly frozen feeling. Freaky, eh? I googled it, though, and it isn't a big deal -- Raynaud's, I think. It only stayed like that for an hour or so, but it sure is odd looking, isn't it?

(Don't worry -- this is not turning into a "pictures of malfunctioning body parts" blog. But this was just irresistibly odd. Next time it happens I promise I'll stick to brewing a pot of tea and leave the camera off!)

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin carving, then trick or treating. The weather cooperated -- this evening was absolutely beautiful, if too cold. Ed and I went for a walk down a quiet street while the kids trick-or-treated on the crowded main street. It was nice.

Travis, as a werewolf in a top hat.

And Katie as a zombie bride. Obviously.

And now for some gratuitous Finny pictures!

He loves his crate mattress, but he likes to lie Under it as much as on Top of it. It makes a nice cave.

He found this fabulous stick, and said that he was going to be a Vampire Hunter for Halloween, so he needed to sharpen his stake. He worked at it with such dedication that by the time he was finished, it only would have done for the smallest sort of vampire.

And here, on Top of the mattress, with Mabel.

The wheel on Ed's space heater broke last year, but now he's fixed it. I like it, but I kind of wish he'd replaced the other three wheels as well -- the new one is so cute!

Katie and Finn.

(I like this second one, because they are Both making such silly faces.)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Usual

The leaves are falling, we have pumpkins and candy at the ready, and the kids have found some things at Walmart which they say will become costumes. (They say they are not too old to dress up and mooch candy, before you ask. Since they are both good about sharing candy with me, I choose to assume that they know more about these things than I do.) 

Finny, helping Katie with Latin.

Katie has been asking to have a sleepover for a while, and this weekend we gave in. She and her friend had a good time, and actually did go to sleep at a fairly reasonable (for a sleepover) sort of time. And they made cookies and had a pancake "bake off" this morning (there were blackberry pancakes, blueberry pancakes, apple pancakes, and pumpkin spice pancakes. I am told that they were mostly very good.). Ed judged and said that he just couldn't decide between them -- sensible man!

And here are a few of Finny learning piano. Katie says he is picking it up very quickly!

(I like the way he is reading music so intently in this one!)

"This is fun, Mom!"