Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dog Bite

Three years of appraising, and I got my first dog bite today. Okay, it was more of a nip, and it was through my (thin) jeans, but it broke the skin. One of those nasty little white, fluffy, yappy dogs, naturally. All I was doing was an exterior inspection, with pictures, for hurricane damage, which is a job that pays practically nothing, and which was especially stupid in this case, since the lender was worried about damage from Hurricane Wilma, which didn't even hit our area. The homeowner happened to be out in his fenced back yard when I stopped by, so I asked him if he would mind if I came inside the fence so I could get a better picture of the back of the house. He said sure. The big yellow lab was jumping around and friendly as could be, but the mean little dog bit me on the leg before the guy thought to bring his dogs into the house. I didn't even realize the skin was broken until I happened to check it on the way to my next inspection. Phoooey! I called the owners when I got home, and the wife says the dog is current on its rabies shots. Ed says I'm supposed to report it to the county, and wants me to get a rabies shot. It's always something, eh?

Aside from the nip, the day has been a good one. T. and I got most of his school done before book group today, and we had fun meeting with the hs book group at the library.

Now I just keep thinking how stupid I'll feel if I get rabies and die. The nip is really just a small bruise, with a little scrape that didn't even bleed. Any input (particularly encouraging) will be welcome!

The dog pictured isn't actually the one that bit me, but the idea is the same.


Jules said...

Oh man! That stinks! I do like the mean little teeth on the picture though! ;)

I have no advice about the dog bite. If it was me I would probably wait to see what happens before rushing into getting a shot. But I really, really hate shots. Is there a way to get prrof that the dog is up-to-date? The vet should have a record. Then you can see for yourself and not worry.

Good luck!

poolie said...


Celena said...

I say, ask for vet proof!