Friday, March 31, 2006

Traffic Piles Up as People Admire Our House, or not

We had a couple moments of excitement here this morning when it appeared that quite a few cars were driving slowly past our house, maybe admiring it and jotting down our phone number? Then we realized that our neighbor is having a garage sale. Oh well.

A realtor I've bumped into a few times while working stopped by last night, just as we were sitting down to dinner. She said that a client of hers had driven past our house and was interested. We told her that our price would allow room for a Small commission for her, assuming her client didn't expect us to come down much in our price, so she took a look through the (very messy) house. She said that she didn't think her buyer could afford our house, but that she really liked it for Herself. Then she went on about how the price was a little high for the current market, but that she'd like to bring her husband by to take a look. Another "we'll see."

The sword belt my mom made for T.'s Link costume arrived in the mail yesterday, to his great delight. It is just as he pictured it, and now he is a fully outfitted little elf warrior.


Cherrypie said...

Cool! I made a Hobbit costume for Jack on Book Day once. He was 7. He's nearly 16 now and he'd have killed me if I'd published a picture of him in tights on the world wide web. Fortunately, I'd not heard of blogging by then.

I'm sure T. won't mind though. xx

Melora said...

Travis Wants me to post pictures of him in his costumes. He's not a bit publicity shy, and he loves posing in his costumes. Funny kid.

Dy said...

Oh, I LOVE it! He makes such a great (adorable is actually what I'm thinking, but that's probably not the word he'd be looking for) Elf Warrior! He has the sweetest grandma!