Thursday, April 06, 2006

Counting My Blessings!

Lest anyone think that, with all my moaning about selling the house, I’ve forgotten how incredibly lucky I am to have my two darling kids (plus my husband, my health, a comfortable home, etc., etc.), I just want to say that I Do know I'm lucky! T. was so excited when we thought we really had a buyer this morning, talking about how we were going to pack up the car and find our dream home, but, when the bad news came, he took it with good grace and moved on. I love that kid. And this afternoon, when K. was getting dressed for gymnastics, she picked a leotard with a little skirt, and pointed the skirt out to me, saying, “Now I won’t be showing my panties!” (Some of her leotards have high cut legs, and her cute little panties show underneath. I suspect that some of the girls overcome this by not wearing panties under their leotards, but it’s not the sort of thing I feel comfortable asking other moms about on the rare occasions I accompany the kids to class, and I certainly wouldn’t want Ed asking!) Just four years old, and she is already making those rough fashion decisions about which outfits and undergarments go together – who’d have thought that a daughter of mine would have any fashion sense?


CeCe said...

Yes, you are very blessed. Those kids are great! Today, the hubby took a call with some feedback about yesterday's showing, and he feels like he's been burned so many times, that he barely even listened to the feedback, and didn't remember enough to tell me!

Melora said...

I know exactly how he feels. We showed our house earlier this week to a pleasant but unenthusiastic couple, and after they left, Ed wanted to analyze with me how the tour went. I just couldn't care enough to even think about it -- they didn't leave a deposit, so forget them.