Friday, May 05, 2006

Sprucing Things Up

Today was pay day, and I stopped by Home Depot after picking up my check and bought some new annuals to spruce up the front of the house. The petunias we planted in December and January, when we were innocently optimistic about how delightfully easy selling our lovely house would be, have grown a bit tired and straggly looking (and I know how they feel). I meant to pull out the old flowers and start afresh, but I didn’t quite have the heart to consign them to the heap when they still have a bit of green, so I just gave them a thorough pruning and planted the new impatiens around them. It looks a bit patchy now, but if the new flowers thrive, and the old ones show proper gratitude and come back with renewed vigor, it will be very pretty. Perhaps, someday, they might even catch the eye of a passing motorist, who will take a second look, notice with joy that that charming house is for sale, and eagerly offer to buy it for something close to our asking price! It could happen.


Dy said...

See, well, granted, I can't keep a philodendron alive. But still, I've always wondered if people plant annuals on purpose? Or if they didn't know they'd have to do it again every year? The thought just boggles my mind. I'll bet it looks lovely, though.


Melora said...

Well, for one thing, annuals are Much cheaper than perennials. They fill out quickly, and are in bloom when you buy them. In theory, of course, perennials are a better deal, but my perennials tend to die or become hopelessly scraggly within a year anyway. Maybe because, in Florida, they are "on" year 'round and never get a rest?

Cherrypie said...

I love the instant display you get from bedding plants. We're having so much rain here that I think I should have bought water lillies instead of pansie :(