Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Sod Day!

The new sod is here! The new sod is here! The guys brought it this morning And put it down, so now the yard looks presentable again (a bit rough in the places where the old sod and the new sod meet up, but that will mostly even out after a while). It started to rain again right after they left (and kept on for the rest of the day), which saved us doing the watering.

My inspection this morning was a rental property, and the tenants were not pleased to see me. The woman took her growling dog and sat on the porch while I inspected the interior, but she left her growling husband inside. I completely understand their resenting my intrusion, but their decorating theme of large, ceremonial type knives and axes, interspersed with elaborate crosses, made me particularly uncomfortable about causing them such annoyance.


Emily said...

OMG!! I think you have the most interesting job! I would love it!! And yeah, that picture is a tad creepy.

Yea on the grass!


Dy said...

ROFL!! Oh, my! What an adventure! Glad you're home, safe and sound, and that the sod has arrived. (I still chuckle about the guy being somewhat surprised you'd want the back yard actually repaired...)


CeCe said...

Hey, is that LEGAL?!? I mean, are you allowed to take pictures of the houses?!?

Melora said...

Emily & Dy,
Some days are a bit too interesting.
I am So happy to have grass and my fence back up! (Bo can't seem to remember where our yard ends when a few panels are missing).

I take the interior pics for work, mostly to remind me of the details of the interiors. The interior pictures are only included in the reports on the rare occasions a lender requests them or there is a need to illustrate something. I thought about the privacy issue before I posted that picture, and decided that, since there was no other information to identify the house and the picture was cropped enough to show only the wall, it was sufficiently anonymous.