Sunday, July 23, 2006

No Luck in Bristol

No luck in Bristol. We did find some nice neighborhoods, but the houses were outside our price range. We also found some scary neighborhoods where we probably could have afforded the houses, but we were afraid to get out of the car to pick up the sales flyers. The one house that we actually did look at with a realtor was in a nice neighborhood, with sidewalks and old, interesting houses, but the house we were looking at was uninspiring. It was big, but there were lots of rooms so the space was very broken up. I couldn’t quite see how our furniture would fit, and there were no rooms that seemed to have library/school room potential. Also, there were cracks on the outside that ran all the way through the walls, so you could see them in the basement. I don’t know if that is okay or not, but it didn’t give me a good feeling. I guess it could be a “fallback” house, if we are unable to find anything better.

We drove to Roanoke after we finished up in Bristol, taking I-81, which was not so scenic but was pretty fast. I’m not sure there is anything to look at here. We will probably poke around for a bit tomorrow and then head back to North Carolina. The realtor who listed that brick house finally called us back at 9:50 pm tonight, offering to show us the house. We explained that we had already seen it, but would like to see it again with him, so we have an appointment at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. I think he was surprised that we had been looking in Bristol and Roanoke if we were interested in a house near Mount Airy, but maybe it makes us seem less desperate?

Ed’s old friend Vince called us this afternoon, and would like to get together in Asheville before we go home. He is staying in Georgia now, but has been looking at houses in the Asheville area, and thinks maybe he can help us find something. From what I’ve seen on the internet, it is too pricey for us, but I’m willing to look, and anyway, I’m hoping to show Ed and the kids Biltmore.

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