Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'd Love to Hear an "I Told You So" from Ed

We checked some of our numbers, called the Lowe’s near the brick house to price a fence, and concluded that our costs would be At least what we figured before, and probably a bit more.  Nevertheless, we told the realtor that we would up our offer $1,000.  He took it to the sellers, but they are sticking to their number.  We aren’t far off, but we think we’ve gone as high as we can.  We don’t want to get the house and then be unable to put in the fences we need to keep the kids and dog safe or buy kitchen appliances or put in a functional bathroom.  We could really scrape and make it happen, but then, if the air conditioning, plumbing, or roof proved worse than we expect, we’d be in a bind.  Of course, given that we have 11 days to find a new house, some might say we are in a bind anyway!  Unfortunately, the realtor knows we are short on time and options (we told him our situation when we saw the house with him, partly because we are just open and dumb, and partly because he was going to try to find us some other houses to look at and we were explaining that we needed to look at houses that we could get into quickly).  Ed told the realtor when he talked to him last that we couldn’t go any higher and thanked him for his time.  He also told him, though, that we were going to wait around and look some more after our house closed, which sounded a little implausible given what we’d told him earlier.  Ed says the realtor will call back by Monday to say that the sellers will accept our offer.  One of Ed’s favorite sayings is that he is “always right.”  I’ve disputed this claim on occasion in the past, but I sure hope he’s right this time!

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I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!