Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Our Closing is in HOW MANY Days?

   I know I’ve made mention once or twice of the fact that the closing on this house is approaching rapidly.  I’ve said it, but I haven’t really believed it.  With no new house to move into, I’ve been, in my heart of hearts, in denial.  Somehow, something – be it hurricane, alien invasion, or something else – would happen to save us from being tossed, with all our junk, from our home on the 18th.  Well, now we do have a house to move to (although scheduling the inspections, cricket slaughter, and move are looking a bit tight), and so I am now ready to acknowledge that we really, truly will be leaving this place NEXT WEEK.  Somehow, all of our vast quantity of stuff has to be safely packed in boxes (which we mostly don’t have), and all the ten zillion details which occurred to me last night as I lay sleepless in bed have to be taken care of.  I really am excited about this move, but completely overwhelmed!


dhugs said...

Congratulations! Keep the excitement going and your packing, moving, and hard work will be done in no time!!

Melora said...

Thanks! Easy for your to say -- school's restarted, so I can't rope you into packing!