Saturday, August 12, 2006

Packing is So Boring -- I'd Rather Blog!

Packing progress has been slow for the last couple days. It is happening, but we will definitely have to pick up the pace if we are going to be done by Friday! Packing is really just unspeakably boring, don’t you think? Ed and I spent time today, when I should have been packing, studying pictures of the new house on the computer and deciding how to rearrange things and what project should be tackled first. That house will give us so much scope for creativity! (Our budget will put a huge cramp in our style, but that is a worry for another day.)

K. had her appointment with the eye doctor today, but it was unproductive. She is very sensitive to light, particularly sunlight, but sometimes even very dim light in the house. When her eyes are bothering her they get red and runny, and she cries for us to turn out every light and close the blinds. Her pediatrician has told us that the problem is almost certainly linked to her allergies, but Ed thought she should see an eye doctor to rule out any other problems. We talked to her before the appointment today about how she would have to cooperate and hold her head still while the doctor looked in her eyes, but when the time came she ducked and hid her face. The doctor wasn’t particularly patient, either. He tried several ways of examining her, but gave up quickly each time when she turned away or rubbed her eyes. He insisted that it couldn’t be the light that bothered her, since the light in the room was brighter than what he was shining in her eyes, and suggested that it was “in her head.” She is an imaginative little thing, but this has been going on since she was very little, and I don’t think most toddlers, unless their parents are big on vampire shows, would think up light sensitivity as a way to get attention. The eye doctor finished with us by saying that if we wanted to pursue the matter we could try a pediatric eye doctor, who would probably have to sedate her to do an examination. I think we will give it some more time and hope she grows out of the problem.

The sleepover crepes were a hit! Since the kids don’t eat strawberries or crème fraiche, which is what the chef on the cooking show we saw last night used, our crepes were filled with cookies and cream ice cream. We did go with the chocolate sauce topping, though (but with Hershey bars melted in the cream instead of fancy dark chocolate). T. and Hana each had two crepes, and Ed had three. That man can eat! K. ate ice cream and fudge sauce. They are now happily watching Spy Kids III (and I’m happy because I don’t have to watch it!), so I suppose I ought to do some packing!


Lynette said...

Best of luck with the eye sensitivity. Don't you just love "non-kid-friendly" drs? We had "the dentist visit from Hades" a couple years back. Dino and Princess both now go to a pediatric dentist, which costs a mint, but I don't cringe knowing that they have an appt. next month and they love going. We are actually counting down the days until they GET to go again--46, in case you're wondering.

Keep packing those boxes, girl. :)

Melora said...

I thought it was pretty ridiculous for that guy to expect the same instant cooperation from a four year old that he would have from a forty year old. There was no one else in the waiting room, either, which I guess isn't surprizing.

My kids have had a pediatric dentist here who they love to visit too. Don't you love it?

Cherrypie said...

Can I please come for a sleep over when you get your new house fixed up x

Melora said...

Cherrypie -- Please do! We will make you crepes, and the area is really lovely!

Dy said...

Poor K. Kinda makes you want to take the doctor outside and let him know that a little bedside manner would improve his income tremendously. What a weenie. Maybe you'll find a great doc in your new town? That's be wonderful, wouldn't it?

The crepes sound absolutely delicious! I love crepes...