Friday, June 15, 2007

96 Cupcakes, and We Have Our Baseball Trophies

Thursday evening was the children's end of baseball season picnic & trophy presentation. It was cool and overcast all day, but I baked another two batches of cupcakes and crossed my fingers. As it happened, people were mostly done eating by the time the rain started coming down and the thunder started booming. Fortunately, the fire chief (our next door neighbor, and the proud grandfather of one of K.'s teammates) opened up the firehouse for us, and the children were presented with their trophies in there. (One more inspection is/was needed before the fire trucks could be moved into their new home, so the kids had lots of space to run!)

We had more rain, mostly drizzle, today. The Japanese Beetles say that any weather is good weather in which to devour my roses. They are uninterested in the beetle trap I purchased. Perhaps rainy weather puts a damper on the sexy beetle scented bait which is supposed to lure them into the trap?


Jules said...

96 cupcakes! You are one dedicated mama!

The empty firehouse looks like fun. What a great place to play!

Happy baseball memories! ;)

Dy said...

Oh, how CUTE! I love the great little things you're discovering about your community. :-)

WAY TO GO on everybody surviving the season. WOOHOO! (Time for the Moms to party - let's go w/ a nice wine rather than cupcake for the Mom Party, shall we? Although, perhaps 96 bottles might be a bit much...)


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

It looks so green and wet where you are!

Isn't it nice that someone had a key so the awards ceremony could go on? And that you did not have to eat 96 more cupcakes yourself? :)

Jeremy said...

Were the 96 cupcakes for one baseball team? That's a lot of sugar. I wish I'd been there ;( Oh well. Congrats on a successful season.