Monday, June 11, 2007

It Rained. And I had to Cook Dinner!

The children's end-of-baseball-season/trophy picnic was supposed to be this evening, but there were some scattered showers (and a little thunder) late in the afternoon and it was cancelled. At 5:00. After I had made 30 cupcakes. Now it is rescheduled for Thursday, when, of course, I will have to bake and frost more cupcakes to make up for those that will have been eaten. We had enough rain to make the flowers smile, but then it cleared right up and we had a lovely evening. It was cool today, too. Aside from the long, depressing winter, I think the weather here is Much superior to Florida.

Remember my beetles that were Not Japanese Beetles? Well, as it turns out, I also have real Japanese Beetles (and they would look similar on the computer screen, but in real life they are clearly different). They have made it clear that they think my rose garden is the Ultimate Buffet. I have been hunting them and tipping them into soapy water a couple times a day, but they are multiplying and sending out invitations to all their friends and relations faster than I can murder them. Next trip to Lowes, I will look for more advanced weaponry.

Speaking of advanced weaponry.... A couple of strangely clad barbarians were spotted in our yard today. The helmet of the smaller one resembled the bowl of my KitchenAid mixer, which, coincidentally, had gone missing at the time. Plastic dinnerware is an effective defense against these small, stainless clad warriors.


Jules said...

out trophy celebration- and all those cupcakes!

Your little warrior sure is a cutie! A mixer bowl for a helmet? Now why didn't I think of that? ;)

Jules said...

oops! What I meant to say was-
that's too bad about your rained out trophy celebration...

Something happened to the first part of my sentence- or maybe I just didn't type it at all but thought I did, which wouldn't surprise me! ;)

Melora said...

It made sense to me! Trophy celebration out (til Thursday), cupcakes In (to the mouths of certain insatiable sweets eaters here).

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

We had a Cancer Camp star party last week. When we left to drive down, it was pretty cloudy. When we set up our 'scope it was still cloudy and another astronomer said, "I think we'll get skunked."

But by the time the kids got done playing baseball, you could see Venus dodging clouds. And by the time it was full dark, the clouds were mostly gone and we could see Saturn very clearly--and five moons.

Good thing we didn't cancel. The kids were impressed.

Melora said...

The star party sounds fun! We went to a event a couple months ago put on by a semi-local astonomical society, and really enjoyed getting to see Venus and Saturn through the fancy telescopes the members set up. T. had little interest in space before we went, and decided that we should study space next school year afterwards -- it was That neat!