Thursday, June 28, 2007


The kids had their last VBS with the Presbyterians today, and then we had and hour and a half to spend in town 'til the weekly program at the library started. We went to Burger King, which was much cleaner and cheaper than the local McDonalds.

The presentation at the library was about the ways that parts of the human body work when playing sports, and also about various technologies used in sports (especially about the "memory" foam developed by NASA which is now used in mattresses and, apparently, shin guards. Most of the kids in the audience were loudly knowledgeable about this foam and its history, apparently thanks to well known television ads which we have never seen.) K. was getting pretty bored, but then the presenter brought out the basketball players she had mentioned earlier in the program. Basketball playing rats, that's what they were! They were actually pretty great, each eager to get her nose into the little tiny basketball and push it through her hoop and earn a cheese yummy. It was a fast and furious game, and more than made up for the dull sports stuff we had sat through. I could barely drag K. out after the show -- she kept going back for one more look at those amazing rats -- but even she knew better than to think Daddy would knowingly allow a rat, however talented, into our house.

*The theme for the Bible school was "Barn Raising." This seems very appropriate for the church, but I'm not sure about the cowboy hats. I think of feed caps when I think of head gear for farmers, but I'm not sure that either feed caps or cowboy hats (with plastic sheriff's star attached to the front) were much worn by farmers in the time when barn raisings were common. Maybe Amish straw hats?


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hi, Melora,

If you can remember your long comment on my post "Respect for Diversity"--by all means post it! I really went out on a limb with this one and would love to know what you are thinking!

The library activities look like a lot of fun! I guess if VBS is over you can always send them to grandma's for a little while!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hmmm. Do ya' think I overdid the exclamation points above?

Just a little.

Melora said...

I'm okay with lots of exclamation marks!
I wish they could just visit grandma (and grandpa), but one set are sickly in Florida and the other, though healthy, are in Maine. Everyone else in this area has All their relatives living near -- we are the oddballs.

Cherrypie said...

Hi Melora

I've come out of hibernation at last. It's lovely to catch up with you.

That pie picture a few posts back is truly awesome. When did you say I could come for tea again?

C x

Melora said...

Glad to have you by again! The banana pie is long gone, but I'll bake another one for you when you come.

CeCe said...

I used to have rats that were identical to those ones. They make great pets!

I'm doing a party for Cherry, and I'm painting a cardboard box like a barn! I'll have to use that one for inspiration!