Saturday, June 09, 2007

We Had a Great Time, AND I Didn't Have to Cook Dinner

A friend from church (a grown-up friend) had his birthday party today, and we spent a wonderful afternoon meeting new people, eating good food, and splashing in their creek (Ed and I didn't do this last). Nick and his wife, who are from New York (though his wife was from Poland before that), bought their 18+ acres about three years ago. With tractors, bulldozers, and other fun machines, they've built a barn, most of a house, and landscaped the property. Just pondering the amount of work involved tired me out (particularly since I spent four hours earlier in the day raking, weed whacking, and mowing our own little 3/4 acre). The property, though is gorgeous, with great stretches of mowed lawns curving around stands of trees, a stream meandering through, and flowering perennials and shrubs planted at the edge of the woods.

Nick's kids are grown, but there were several other families there with children of an age to play with T. and K. They raced around in the woods, played in the stream, and generally ran wild. I think they will sleep well tonight.

And finally, a gratuitous tractor shot for my daddy. Hi Daddy! Hope you are feeling better!

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