Monday, July 23, 2007

Sometimes Setting a Virtuous Example is Such a Drag

Nothing exciting this weekend, I'm afraid. We could have gone on a picnic/river tubing outing with some friends from church this weekend, but we had already let T. arrange for a Saturday playdate when we got the invitation. After a small moral struggle, Ed and I agreed that we really had to set a good example for T. about keeping our promises (T. wasn't struggling, but Ed and I would much rather have spent the afternoon out frolicking by a river than watching a couple nine years olds playing video games and running around the house). We did do our best, though, to make sure our sacrifice was not wasted by pointing out to T. how virtuous we were being.

Sunday, after church, I mowed and weed whacked. The absence of this chore will definitely be a consolation to me next winter. When I'm not using noisy power tools on the lawn, though, being outside here is astonishingly wonderful! Yesterday when we got out of church (at noon), it was 72 degrees! Even when we got off the mountain and home, it was only 77. And this evening I wandered around the yard drowning Japanese Beetles in lovely low 60's weather. Coming from Florida, temperatures like this in mid-July are little short of miraculous.

We are still reading The Deathly Hallows, and I am working hard to avoid spoilers. I'm staying away from my favorite homeschooling board as it seems that just about everyone has finished the book (not counting the non-Harry readers, of course), and the general board is largely Harry Potter discussions. I'm hoping that none of the boys in T.'s swim class reads HP and tells him what happens. I read aloud to Ed and the kids, and I can't manage for than three chapters in an evening, so it is going to take us a little while.

The Really Exciting news (for me) is that I finally steeled myself to spend and placed my Rainbow Resources order. It helped that I asked a friend who uses Calvert what the fourth grade program (not including the extra record keeping) would cost, and her answer was that it would be nearly twice what I had figured I needed for T.'s education this year. And, a whole lot of what I'm buying for T. will be usable again for K., which I don't think you can do with Calvert. Of course, she has eight children, so she really Needs an "everything is here and scheduled" program, and she could compare what she is spending with what some people spend for private school ($500 with Calvert v.s. $18,500 for the snazzy private school in my hometown). Anyway, comparing the cost of my pick-your-own-favorite-stuff school materials to that of a packaged curriculum was quite cheering, so I pressed the "send" button and am now very eagerly awaiting a visit from the UPS man!

*I just checked the Calvert site, and my friend must get a discount for mass enrollment. They list the cost of 4th grade materials as $800. Yikes!

** I Don't normally ask people what they spend on things! We see each other at the pool during swim lessons and it came up in the course of conversation.


Wisteria said...

I placed my last school order today.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Wow! It must be in the air. I just ordered two math DVDs for N. from "The Great Courses" at The Learning Company. I got Basic Math (covers everything up to Algebra, so it's good for 8th grade level), and Algebra I. I also ordered The Joy of Science for fun. Other than that, we are well prepared with Kemana and supplies.

The Learning Company is having a sale so you might want to check out some of their stuff.

Melora said...

Wisteria & Elisheva,
I Love school supplies & new materials! This is such a Hopeful time of year, when I can enjoy my fantasies about our new school year being smooth sailing and all full of the Joy of Learning! (Like I don't know better.)

Dy said...

Ahhh. Yes. I took KathyJo's suggestion and printed off the Highlands Latin School tuition list. That helps me calm down when I get twitchy. (It also reminds me that, hey, we're not doing to badly! LOL!)

Oh, what did you order? (I won't ask what you spent, I just want to know what you *got*!)


Melora said...

There's nothing like knowing that you Could spend much More money to make a large expenditure look affordable, eh? I may go back and visit the Calvert site again -- I found their high cost So cheering!

What did I buy? What Didn't I buy would be easier! I ordered lots of Singapore Math, extra problems and word problems for 3rd grade, which we are now half way through, and both A and B textbooks and workbooks for 4th grade, plus extra problems and word problems for 4th. Oh, and the Key to Fractions workbooks (a KathyJo recommendation). I'm sure we will still be working on them at the beginning of our 5th grade year, but I Loathe paying shipping for a couple skinny little math books! I got K. a couple Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten (2A and 2 B) math books, just so she wouldn't feel left out when the box came.
I ordered Latina Christiana I, with the audio CD, and Christian Studies (also Memoria Press), Year 1 (I bought the Golden Children's Bible they recommend earlier from Amazon). I'm getting the Henle "set" you recommended for me.
I dithered on getting something for reading comprehension, but Ed said "go for it," so we are going to try Reading Detective (Beginning). I think that is something we can finish in a "semester" and not need again (I hope!).
T. is wobbly on geography, so I ordered (and we will Try like anything to fit in) Kids Learn America and Book of 50 States. I bought The Geography Book (Arnold) a while back, which, I think, will fill out our geography studies nicely!
Finally, I realized late this year that my "natural speller" needed some more formal study, so we are going back to Spelling Workout (D).

And that is it! We already have SOTW (text & activity guide) Year 4, Classical Writing Aesop and Poetry that we didn't finish in 3rd grade, several Prentice Hall Science Explorer books which were a great deal used from Amazon, plus most of a year of My World Science that we didn't get to yet. T. has some art books he wants to use. So all I need to finish out our materials are the Rod & Staff Grammar books, which I keep hoping to find used because I have already spent such an outrageous amount!