Monday, August 06, 2007

It's Monday -- Let's Play!

Amy and her kids met us at "our" rock slide at Stone Mountain this afternoon, on their way back east. T. and K. had a great time showing off our favorite playground, though we were sharing with quite a few other families today. One of the other families had brought a blow-up tube and boat and were kind enough to share, and the children had a great time sliding and splashing (I had brought black plastic trash bags, but they just couldn't compete!).

There were more than the usual number of snakes in evidence today, and as we were leaving a father got very excited about one in particular, which he decided was a copperhead (Amy, who keeps nature guide books handy, later showed us a picture of a copperhead, but the unfortunate snake suffered the worst possible consequence for his misidentification). The man's excited performance scared everyone out of the water, so we were glad that we had played while the playing was good.

A visit to Stone Mountain isn't complete without a trip to the ice cream store, but, unfortunately, they recently suffered an incident with their freezer, and the flavor selection was limited (meaning, there was No Chocolate!). Mary had french fries, which looked so good that the rest of us had fries too (to wash down the ice cream, you know). Now we know another thing that place does well! We made Amy promise to visit us again next time she and her crew are in our neck of the woods.

*Mom, do you remember those squirrels at Charles Park? The deer at Stone Mountain remind me of those squirrels. I'm pretty sure that if we opened the van door, they would climb happily in.


Amy said...

I just finished my blog about our trip. But your pictures are so much better than mine. And those deer! I meant to tell you on the way into the park the girls made me pull into the parking lot because they saw a deer. We sat there and watched it walk right up to the car door of another vehicle. Wow!

Thanks so much for your hospitality this weekend. We hope to see you in another couple of months.

Melora said...

I'm going over to read your blog now! I'll try and send some pictures tomorrow. We loved having you guys over, and look forward to your next visit!

Jules said...

I still think that rock sliding stuff looks like so much fun!!!

I know it's a few posts back but I love, love, love your kitchen and your bookshelves. I have had plans for built-in bookshelves here for along time but somehow they never seem to get done. Your pictures have inspired me! ;)

Melora said...

It is fun. You should come try it!
I LOve my bookshelves. We have had the books in boxes for so long, and it is great to be able to see what we have and get at them.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Thanks for reminding me that although fall is coming, it is still really summer!

I hate reading stories like that about snakes. Even if a snake is poisionous, it can avoided rather than killed. I am glad you had fun before that grisly event.

And the conversation about bookshelves reminds me that after the floors, we are not done! Most of my books are still in boxes!