Thursday, August 09, 2007

We Are Organized and Efficient (on paper)

I've been trying to cram everything I want T. to learn this year into a "reasonable" schedule. Actually, my schedule is very reasonable, until you factor T. into it. His math assignment this morning should have taken him less than an hour, but it actually took more than two hours because he has the attention span (for school subjects) of a gnat*. At least my pretty schedule makes me happy!

**It isn't in the picture (because I haven't bought it yet), but we are going to be doing Rod & Staff grammar again this year. And reading books. And playing piano. And maybe starting logic? (There was an interesting post today on the WTM board about logic for fourth graders, which, considering our overcrowded schedule, I Definitely shouldn't have read. And yes, I can see who really needs to be studying logic around here, and it isn't poor T.)

*He has been a little better about focusing lately, though having K. at the table doing her lessons is providing a new and formidable challenge in this area.


Wisteria said...

I'm sure he will work out the kinks in a day or two. Have faith! I'm impressed that you have a schedule. We start Monday and I am still without.

Amy said...

Love the picture! I'll have to remember that next time instead of just trying to list it all out.

I have just picked up "The Geography Book" from the library to look through for some ideas.

I totally understand about T. I keep having to point out to Mary that she spends more time fussing and procrastinating than the assignment actually takes to finish.

One thing I am doing this year is breaking everything down into smaller pieces. It may mean that she does math twice during the day, 15 minutes each time. But it isn't as overwhelming for her.

This week we don't have Katie so we are, hopefully, going to mirror our normal schedule better.

Melora said...

His kinks have been years in the making, so I'm afraid it will take more than a day or two to build better work habits. He is a good boy, though, and he and I both are trying to improve. I have a couple ideas that I Hope will help things go more smoothly.

I love new school books! (I forgot to add my math books to the pile, since I don't bother to "schedule" those at all, just keep doing the next thing.) I like the idea of breaking math into parts -- I may try that on Monday. I hope Mary enjoys her "single student" time!

andie said...

I love pictures of books. And lists of books, and catalogs full of books, and...

Sometime I should dig up the picture of Madeline that made it into the Sonlight catalog and put it on the blog- she was buried in the books that came with our order.