Saturday, September 15, 2007

Birthday Wishes and a Lovely Hike

Today is my daddy's birthday. Happy Birthday, Daddy!!! We are looking forward to seeing you and giving you belated birthday hugs in November!

I planned to do some reading and Get Some Things Done today, but the weather was just too gloriously beautiful, so instead we packed a picnic lunch and headed over to Stone Mountain. We found a lovely spot by a stream for our picnic. After lunch, T. crossed the creek on a slippery log and then decided that it was too dangerous to cross again to come back. So, naturally, K. raced (okay, crawled) to his rescue. They did eventually make the return trip (without falling in the creek), and conducted a scientific experiment on whether minnows (or, as T. calls them, fillets) eat rice krispy treats (they do).

The kids kindly agreed to do the Wolf Rock hike again with me, on the condition that they would get ice cream afterwards. T. was dragging pretty badly for the first mile or so, but K. offered him encouragement, and even pulled him when necessary.

(They stopped for a rest. But they couldn't sit for long without goofing around.)
(Did you think I was kidding about K. pulling T. up the mountain?)
(K., still in the lead.)

(A few leaves are changing colors. A lot of leaves are just shriveling up and falling. I think it's the drought.)
(When we get to the stone wall (on the left), we know we are nearly to Wolf Rock.)

K. did great 'til we were almost at the end. Then she said her toes were hurting (I think it was all the downhill walking in close-to-being-outgrown sneakers) and suggested that she would carry the water bottle if I would carry her. I couldn't help her out, but she did fine anyway.

The buildings at the homestead were open today, and it was interesting to walk into the house and see the rooms and furniture. It was hard to imagine large families living for generation after generation in such a small house, but apparently they did until 1979, when the last inhabitants moved out. And with no electricity or water, either.

We finished with ice cream. It was a fine day.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

It looks like it was a really fine day! And very productive.

I guess it is getting too chilly to swim over there now? But the hike looks lovely. Maybe we ought to take a day off to do that over here. It would be good to do during the Holy Days.

Melora said...

I hope we will have a couple more warm days (today Isn't!), and the next time one comes along I'm planning on taking the day off school and going swimming. Being a Florida transplant, I have a hard time with the idea that swimming in September (and October) isn't a perfectly reasonable expectation.
I think walking in the hills is very appropriate for the Holy Days!