Sunday, September 02, 2007

Long on Virtue, Short on Hair

Today was Gloriously beautiful -- low 80's, blue skies, sweet breezes. And I spent the whole of it inside, editing and uploading a year's worth of photos onto Shutterfly. I have been promising Ed that I would order some pictures for his poor old parents back in Florida for at least six months now (probably longer), and never actually getting around to it. Recently he has begun making remarks about how old his parents, and how it would really be too bad if they Died before they got any pictures. He is subtle, but I took the hint. As I blog, July's pictures are uploading (in case you haven't done this, it is a rather slow process), and August's are all doctored and ready to go. Then I'll just quickly pick out and order the best and most representative of the last year's pictures, and you will see the glow from my halo if you look toward North Carolina.

Speaking of my darling Ed, he gave me a haircut today (while pictures were uploading, of course). K. looked so spiffy after her haircut, and then the mom who was here yesterday afternoon had a haircut that I liked and thought would work with my hair. She got hers cut at the same place K. went, so I could have gone there, but, being the frugal (cheap) soul that I am, I asked Ed to take note of her hair so he could cut mine the same way. Before he started today, I reminded him that I wanted long layers, none shorter than the bottom of my earlobes when dry. Just to be quite clear, I pointed out Where my earlobes are located, but he must have been looking elsewhere at that point. It turns out that Ed is under the impression that my earlobes are a good six inches higher up on my head than they actually are. The layers are short. Not that it is a bad haircut or anything. Just not the haircut I was expecting. I'm sure it will grow on me, though. (Ha ha!)


andie said...

When the glare from your halo dies down, please have someone snap a picture! :)

Melora said...

Of course! Right now, I'm having a little trouble with the halo, since I seem to have lost all of October's and most of December's pics. Oops. I am really Terrible at estimating how long projects such as this will take me. Which Ed knows very well, of course, and is why he has been nagging for months. Poor guy.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

If Ed's comment about his parent's age and possible deaths was subtle, Id love to see what he is like when he is being obvious! LOL!

I get quite grumpy when my hair is cut shorter than I want it! Good for you, that you can take it so philosophically. And it will grow on you, as you said! :)