Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today Ed woke me up with a "happy birthday!" and the kids staggered downstairs calling, "Time to open your presents, Mommy!" They could hardly wait for me to rip to paper off those packages, so that was the first order of business. K. had wrapped several library books for me, which I consider somewhat iffy as presents, but everything else was marvelous!

Forty-two seems like a pretty good age. The surprise of turning forty is long past, and fifty is far in the future. Birthdays are an appropriate time to reflect on one's life, so I reflected a little today (in between putting a stop to the ketchup fight and rescuing the cat from the visiting two year old) and counted my blessings. I am married to a loving man. I have two sweet children who are basically decent people and who save me from suffering boredom. I have kind, wonderful parents. And I live in a nice house in a beautiful part of the country. My list could go on and on, but the amount of time I have for peaceful reflection (and blogging) doesn't, thanks mostly to those funny and ever-inventive children of mine. Anyway, I am grateful.

We went to the library today for book group and story time, then to Wal-mart for coffee and blue hair spray. T. has been wanting to dye his hair blue because he wants to look like a Japanese cartoon character who has blue hair. I told him that he could use a temporary dye, but that he shouldn't expect very good results with his brown hair. Wal-mart didn't have any dye, but they did have blue spray in the Halloween section. T. and K. both sprayed their hair this afternoon (actually, Ed did the spraying), and I hope they have gotten the desire to change their hair color out of their systems for a few years. That stuff comes off on everything. T.'s has already been washed out (thanks to the previously mentioned ketchup battle), and K.'s will be washed out soon. It did show up better than I'd expected, but I don't think blue hair is a good look for either of them.
We are going to eat out tonight. I am so excited! So I'd better get to cleaning up & getting the crew ready!
(And look at all my lovely birthday books!)


Amy said...


It looks like your bedside table is going to be full for awhile.


Melora said...

Thank you! It will be, and isn't that a great feeling?

dhugs said...

Happy Birthday! That cake looks as delicious as the chocolate-raspberry ones we used to drool over and then consume!

Wisteria said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry I am so late with the wishes. What wonderful presents!!

Melora said...

It Was good! I think this is the first time he has remembered to add the eggs, the oil, And the water -- everything listed on the back of the box. Amazing what a difference that makes!

Thank you! I am a lucky girl.

andie said...

Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I'm late.

Didn't you get the King Arthur cookbook last year? Or was that Christmas? I didn't look too closely at this year's stack (though the size alone is impressive) because last year the book and bought myself a gift for your birthday, too.