Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Last Minute Preparations

I'd intended to carve our pumpkins earlier in the week, but what with getting the new floors and trying to fix the electrical wiring (really Ed's department, but he likes me to stand nearby, holding tools and looking supportive), I didn't. So today I made my yearly foray into the world of Art. Some kind soul on the WTM board posted a link to a site where kids can draw pumpkin faces, which turns out to be a mixed blessing. The kids were able to show me what they wanted their pumpkins to look like, but there is a world of difference between what they can draw on a screen and what I can carve with a very small and wobbly little saw. When I explained that "Mommy's skills are Very Limited," they both kindly modified their designs.

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andie said...

Cute picture!