Friday, October 26, 2007

We Are Now Thoroughly Watered

We've now had three days of much needed rain. I don't know if we've officially hit the sixteen inch mark (the amount needed to lift the burn ban) yet, but the water in the basement looked just about that deep the last time I peeked down there. Our well, which has been acting pretty cranky lately, is probably much healthier now, and the robins have been splashing around like crazy in all the puddles. Our new floors are now scheduled to be installed on Monday, since, we now know, they can't be rolled out on rainy days. We dismantled our school/computer room on Wednesday night for the installation, but Ed sweetly plugged my computer back in this afternoon so I'd have it for the weekend. The only big downside to all the lovely rain is that it has become apparent that our roof is not as waterproof as one might wish it to be. Ed and I poked about in the attic this afternoon after noticing a couple damp patches on the back room ceiling, and we found water coming in in several areas. Bother.

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