Thursday, November 29, 2007

Baked Goods and Edible Baked Goods

We were surprised and pleased (pretty much equally) when Travis's gingerbread house won the children's division in the library's contest. The only thing we can figure is that his "hurricane damaged" house had a certain novelty appeal. Katie was rather put out about losing to him, since she had put considerably more effort into her house, but today she very happily used his prize, William Sonoma Kids Baking, to make very delicious chocolate chip muffins. She was able to make the recipe with almost no help from me, and she and Travis have picked several more recipes they want to make in the near future. Quite a nice prize to have won for making a completely inedible (due to its extraordinary hardness) gingerbread house.


andie said...

Excellent job, Katie! Those look yummy.

Melora said...

They were! And they are Gone.

Roz said...

Interesting to know.