Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fall

Well, I was wrong about the drought ruining our fall foliage -- it is glorious. Driving back home from a late afternoon playdate today, with the sunlight still just lingering on the brown stubble fields and the brilliant red, yellow, and orange leaves, I was filled with awe and gratitude for the beauty of this place. The cold air and the crunching leaves are the fall I always imagined and wanted.

Ed and K. had appointments with the doctor this morning, and T. and I went along (because K. needs me for moral support). Although he felt well (and was exceptionally good!) all day, T. was sick after dinner and is now on the couch with a low fever. I knew we should have sat on the bench outside instead of waiting inside, but it was windy and cold. Now I'm not sure what to do about our early morning trip into Winston-Salem tomorrow to have K. see a pediatric hemotologist. The appointments are hard to come by, and we had planned to make a day of it. I guess we'll just see how T. is feeling tomorrow.

T.'s grammar lesson today was about verb tenses, and part of his work was to write three sentences, one for each tense. I told him that his sentences could not include any bodily functions or killing. So he wrote the following:

The aliens took over the world.

The aliens will destroy the sun.

The people do not survive the alien attack.

On the positive side, his penmanship and spelling were perfect. However, he is somehow failing to hit that wholesome tone I was hoping for. And we are using Rod and Staff grammar, which is just overflowing with wholesomeness, gentleness, and charity. Do you think this could be his rebellion against an overload of Mennonite virtue? At least he did comply with my request; everyone may have failed to survive, but no one was killed.


Wisteria said...

Good Luck today.

My son went through, and still lapses into, that stage of feigned violence and obsession with body functions. I think he'll move on to other topics when he's older. My son found a story he had written during this monsters attacking stage a few weeks ago, and confided that it was not very good and silly. I wouldn't worry too much.

Melora said...

It is always nice to hear that other little boys have passed through this stage & then stopped being quite so silly.