Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy First Sunday of Advent!

Travis was much better this morning, but kindly saved us the bother of dithering over whether he was still contagious by sleeping until 9:30, at which point the matter becomes moot. We had a leisurely morning, but finally did remember in the afternoon to drive up the mountain in search of the Perfect Christmas Tree. (To me, December 2nd seems very early to get a tree, which I will have to water & vacuum after all month, but the woman at the tree farm told me that this is the last weekend they are open. We are misfits in the land of Early Christmas Preparers.)
Katie couldn't wait to get out there and start inspecting trees. Every Single one of them. She found enough perfect trees to supply a small city.
Travis liked this tree. We had to point out that it wouldn't quite fit in our house.
Eventually they settled on a perfect tree. One that fits in the house and Everything. It was one Travis picked, and Katie very generously agreed that it could be The One. But she gets to pick next year.

The kids got busy making more decorations for Sam (the tree).

We ate dinner in the dining room, on the good china (meatloaf and mashed, but that's fancy if you eat it on china, right?), did the first reading for Advent, and lit the first Advent candle. It was rather lovely.

P.S. I Did get the cards ordered tonight. It was very traumatic, and I had to place the order from Ed's computer because my computer wouldn't let me design the cards. But I think they will be nice.

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