Monday, December 24, 2007

Joy to the World!

Okay, so Travis didn't get all the kinks worked out, even after I told him that he had to switch to playing a simpler version. They are still my darling babies. (I don't know what Travis did to the settings on his camera -- obviously something that affected the picture quality in a bad way.)

We went out for Chinese food tonight and had a great time. Everyone else was either at church or at Wal-mart, and we pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves, just like in A Christmas Story only our turkey is still sitting (partially frozen) in the refrigerator instead of being inside the neighbors' dogs. And the restaurant staff didn't sing to us either. But it was very nice, and the evening turned out much better than it looked like it was going to when Ed locked the door of the house tonight and left his keys inside. We had just gotten done discussing how the kids didn't really need their jackets because we would just be walking from the car into the nice warm restaurant, so being locked out of the house was irresistibly ironic (I gave Katie my jacket, Ed gave his to me, and Travis found one in the car, so really it was only Ed who was cold). This house turns out to be harder to break into than our old one, but Ed got a ladder from the garage and luckily someone had left the first floor bathroom window unlocked, so Ed was able to pry open the window and boost Travis through. Travis said that being pushed through the window was uncomfortable, but he was pleased to have saved our evening. (And we really wouldn't want him to develop a taste for clambering through windows.)

Just to show that Ed isn't the only absent minded adult around here, I left the yeast out of the cinnamon rolls we were supposed to have for breakfast tomorrow morning. I put them in the oven to rise when we got home from dinner, and I just went in to check them. An hour in the oven, and they didn't rise at all? Hmmm... They are sitting in their pans of goopy syrup, beautifully rolled, with bits of raisin and cinnamon sticking out, but on going through the steps in my head, I realize that I forgot an absolutely essential ingredient. Good thing I have a forgiving family!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

It sounds like one of those evenings for remembering with a smile and a laugh next year at this time.

I hope you had a good substitute for the cinnamon rolls for this morning.

Merry Christmas, Melora!

Melora said...

Thanks Elisheva!
We are already laughing about last night. I keep thinking that as I get older I will become well-organized and efficient, but now that I'm forty-something and still bumbling along I'm starting to wonder.
Ed salvaged the rolls, which I didn't think was possible. He dumped the pans of rolls into the mixer, added some warm water and yeast, mixed the whole shamoley up, dumped it back into the pans, and baked it. It turned out to be a fairly decent sort of coffee cake sort of thing, which we did, after all, eat for breakfast this morning.