Saturday, December 29, 2007

Someone Stop Me!

"That way lies madness." I don't think King Lear was talking about his blog template, but he could have been. Every time I get the silly thing almost right it goes wonky on me and I lose the title or the sidebar. And now Ed says, "Well, it looks pretty good, but couldn't you make the background white, and maybe put in an extra border?"


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Melora, I think it looks pretty good now. And the title is showing up for me, at least.

I have been thinking about messing with my template, but I haven't got the courage up to do that yet.

By the way, how do you make cross-outs? I spent a bunch of time trying earlier this month and then gave up!

Wisteria said...

I love it!

Melora said...

Thanks. Ed just told me that the links in the text (the ones that appear to be rust colored to me) don't show up on his computer. Aargh!
To do the strike outs, switch from the compose screen to the "edit html" screen. Before the item you want to cross out, type
the word "strike" (without the quotation marks) sandwiched between the greater than and less than marks.
after the item, type
"/strike" (again, without quotation marks) sandwiched between the greater than and less than marks.
I think that's it. I linked to a very nice site that tells you how to do that stuff a couple posts back (though the link probably isn't visible because I probably picked the wrong color font!).


melissa said...

I really like it. It looks nice and inviting. (sigh) I should really do something different....I've been doing the Barbie-pink for awhile now.