Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thank You Chicken Jane!

We had an interesting morning here, but the rest of the day seems to be shaping up pretty well. Travis did not want to complete his math test this morning -- the test which sudden illness prevented him from completing yesterday. He was under the impression that when one becomes sick during a test, one is excused from ever finishing the test and is simply handed an "A." It took a fair lot of discussion to disabuse him of this interesting notion. He has been plugging along like a dutiful little trooper, though, now that we are past the rocky start of the day.

Katie started reading the first Reader from Box 2 of Hooked on Phonics today. We only got half-way through it. She could probably have managed the second half, but I couldn't. Katie is a Silly Reader, constantly going off of tangents. For example, every time we come to the word "look," she has to sing the Chicken Jane song.

Every time. Today, though, as I ground my teeth and struggled to appear patient, she changed the words in one place to "Look, Scot, look! See the frustrated mommy!" Guess I'm not doing such a great job acting. Then she started to sing "192* Pages to Go" (to the tune of 99 Bottles of Beer). When we got through page 9 I decided that we should quit before I cracked a tooth, so Katie and Ed are now happily playing Chocolate Factory.

*Slam and Dunk and the Big Game does not have 193 pages.


andie said...

Ah, Chicken Jane. John LOATHED Chicken Jane a couple years back. Seems when there was a Chicken Jane segment, Cliff Hanger got bumped. And THAT was just WRONG, of course.

Melora said...

I guess I can understand his feelings -- Cliff Hanger is pretty wonderful -- but to loathe Chicken Jane? I hope he remembered to confess that.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Well, at least Katie was having fun! And it looks like lots of fun, according to the pictures.

She sounds a lot like my niece in Bloomington, who is also called Katie.