Saturday, September 19, 2009

Maybe I am a Feminist After All

Last night we watched Annie Get Your Gun.  Actually, first we tried The Gondoliers, which I wanted to see because we memorized The Duke of Plaza Toro, but we couldn't understand what anyone was singing and the kids left, so we moved on to the next movie (yay Netflix!).  The kids and I really liked the movie.  So did Ed, right up the the point, about ten minutes in, where he fell asleep.  The songs were just Marvelous.  And then we got to the end, where Annie deliberately threw the shooting match, so that her jealous, insecure twit of a boyfriend would marry her.  Everyone burst into joyous song as she rode into happily ever after with her prize of a man.  No irony.  No hint that maybe she might eventually find it a little annoying having to hide her abilities in order to keep her husband from pouting.  I was Outraged!  I had to explain to Katie Why this was so Wrong.  How any man who was threatened by her abilities would be a total dope and completely unworthy of her affections.  I think she thought I was kind of overreacting, but she agreed never to throw a shooting match in order to please a man.

Today Katie was interested in bugs.  Some days they make her shriek, but today she was feeling science-y.  I punched some holes in the lid of a pickle jar and she went out and caught bugs.  Here she is with her favorite:

His name is George, and he is a grasshopper.  Here Katie is giving him a nice hug.
Before releasing him back into the "wild," she wrote a paper documenting her observations.

She asked me how to spell camouflage while I was thinking about something else, so that spelling mistake is my fault.  All the others are hers.  In case you can't read some parts (what with the interesting spellings and complete lack of punctuation), here it is again:
"The Grasshopper,
by Katie Campbell

The grasshopper is licking his hand.  It
has a good grip.  It eats grass.  It hates
water.  It has camouflage.  It can grow up
as big as a foot." (Lord help us!)

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