Saturday, December 19, 2009

And We've Still Got Snow!

This morning the kids got out of bed and eagerly checked to see if the snow was still there.  It was, and more had shown up in the night.  Katie could hardly wait to go out and build her snowman.  Travis was a little slower starting, but he eventually pitched in and helped.

That is Ed, not Travis.  He has previous snowman experience and helped Katie get started.

There he is.  Travis believes in taking Saturday mornings slowly.

Harry, looking disapproving.  Actually, Harry and I spent quite a while this afternoon sitting in the dining room and looking out at the birds.  I put out stale bread spread with peanut butter as well as the sunflower seeds and we had quite a gathering of squirrels and birds -- even two crows. 

Be has been very unhappy about the snow.  He thinks that if it touches his tummy it is excessive. 

There is my snow covered fence.

And here is Eeyore Bo and Mr. Snowman.

He is a very loveable snowman.

This afternoon we braved the roads to go into town to Belks to buy Ed something for Christmas.  Now all the shopping is done, as well as the baking and mailing.  Which just leaves cleaning (maybe!) to do, cinnamon rolls to bake, reading together and listening to music, and happy puttering. 

The only downside of all this lovely snow is that our church Christmas pageant has been cancelled.  Actually, church is completely cancelled tomorrow, because the priest can't get there and they (the people who decide these things) are afraid that the roads will be really dangerous up there tomorrow morning and they don't want members of the congregation trying to get in to a special service and getting smashed up (it is a very small congregation -- we need to keep everyone we have!).  So I will never know whether is would have been a rousing success or an unparalleled disaster.  Or something in between, I suppose.  I am inclined to think it would have gone well.

No presents under the tree yet (they are on the hearth for now), but I found a fat sleeping Harry there this evening. 

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Jules said...

Okay - I am jealous! I love snowstorms and so far this year, we have had almost nothing for snow!

It looks like the kids had fun - but the dog, not so much. :)