Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Good Girl

Well, the tree is decorated and a reasonable number of decorations are out, and no credit for this goes to me at all.  Katie has reached the age of usefulness!  She did have some help from Ed, who did the lights and some ornament polishing, and a very little bit of help from Travis (who might have done more if I had not been cruelly torturing him with science and Latin), but mostly it was Katie.

Here you see Katie industriously decorating and Travis industriously hamming.  Which is why I figured he might as well be doing Latin.

He does mean well, and I love that sweet smile.

And in case there was any question, here is the one who contributed the "ham" gene, pretending to be Santa Claus climbing out of the chimney.

I have no explanation for this picture.

And here Travis is, being Santa giving Katie a present.  Actually, it is the only present that's been wrapped so far, and it is from Katie to Travis.

The tree came out nicely, despite all the silliness and drama.  Or maybe because of it.  Anyway, now there are just cookies to bake, cards to write, a pageant to perfect, presents to wrap, and other stuff that I'm forgetting.  Good thing I have Katie!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Lovely! Do you have snow yet? Or are you getting ice?

Melora said...

Ice is forecast for Saturday. This week (and last) we are just having cold drizzle. It snows more often nearby up the mountain, so we did have some snow to play in last Sunday!