Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Back (Did you miss me?)

My computer is back, and seems to be in working order.  Ed picked it up from the "shop" while I did the grocery shopping (Travis went with him, and now wants to be a Computer Guy!).  Of course, the screen looks different, and all my tabs are gone, not to mention all my Programs, but I'm sure I'll get things comfortable again soon.  And find out if my pictures are still somewhere about.  Aaack!  I have so much stuff that I Need on this computer -- it is a real shame that I don't have a better idea how it works. 
When he picked up my computer, Ed left his with the computer guy.  His computer is just awful. He has complained about it from time to time, but I hadn't realized just How Slow it was until I tried using it.  Heck, if Clever Computer Guy does a good job with Ed's (and doesn't charge an arm and a leg -- his charge seemed quite reasonable for mine), maybe we'll even try getting the laptop fixed one of these days!

Travis made his first cheese souffle yesterday.  It was delicious, but didn't rise much.  The recipe, from Fannie Farmer, didn't have him separate the eggs & beat the whites separately, and also didn't mention that only the bottom of the baking dish should be buttered.  Next time we'll try the Good Housekeeping recipe for souffle and see if it doesn't puff better.  The flavor was excellent, though.

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