Sunday, February 21, 2010

Henry the Omelet

After a wonderful service at church today (I love Lent!  We sang "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing"), we went to spend the afternoon with friends.  I got to talk and drink coffee, and the kids played.  Did I mention that the weather was warm and beautiful today?  Absolutely way too nice a day to let the kids sit inside.  Travis fell off a horse for the first time (they say it bucked.  The horse is middle aged and arthritic, but he didn't have a saddle, so it wouldn't have needed to be much of a buck.  Katie fed snowballs (iceballs?) to the horses and helped feed the goats.  So they had a wonderful time, but when it was time to come home, Katie's friend had given her this....

They (the friends) have chickens (and ducks, sheep, goats, horses, and cats.  They also gave us Emma.  But I don't hold it against them.), and the girls were poking around and found two fresh laid eggs.  One for each!
We had to stop at Walmart on the way home, so of course the egg came in too.  The children asked the cashiers if Walmart carried incubators, but the cashiers said Walmart hardly carries anything anymore.  Which was fine since I didn't have the money for an incubator and I am a sucker.  When we got home, Ed was not delighted with our surprise.  He is firmly anti-chicken.  But Travis looked up "hatching eggs" on the internet and came up with the set-up you see above.  Katie wants to name the egg Henry or Mary.  I want to name it omelet.  I suspect we will both be disappointed, however (I know I will).  But for now Katie is being dramatically woeful because she is tired and needs to go to bed but she also wants to turn her egg every hour.     
Oh, the drama!


Anonymous said...
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LeRene said...

Just found your blog through TWTM forum and I love it. This is soo like something my dd would do!