Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poetry Day

The kids came back from Awana (their Bible study/doughnut eating thing they do with the Baptists-next-door) last night so excited!  They passed their first memory book thingy last week, and this week they came home with new books, plus pretty embroidered t-shirts.  But even better, they handed in the Daniel projects they'd done and were rewarded with Giant Chocolate Bars!  Katie was just finishing hers up when she came in the door.  They had cookies too.  This is a serious downside of Bible study with the Baptists which hadn't occurred to me.  But they had a great time.

Today they've been busily finishing their poems for book group tomorrow.  This week it's limericks and shape poems.  I'm not much of a fan of shape poems, but theirs are cute (or seem cute to their mother).  Also, Travis has been so very gung ho about what the Baptists are teaching him that I've been a little worried he was becoming "un-Episcopalian."*  Which is why I found his gross limerick rather comforting...

There once was a young miser,
Who drank a lot of Budweiser,
When they showed him the bill,
He got terribly ill,
And made all his beer geyser.

His second limerick had to be on the subject of The Old Car
There once was a Toyota car,
Who got people to travel quite far,
When it broke from a poke,
There were explosions and smoke,
And the passengers got CPR.

And here's Katie's limerick:
There once was a fat cat named Harry,
Who every day ate a raspberry.
He liked them with cream,
And chocolate supreme,
And books borrowed from the library.

Travis's shape poem:

I'd like to eat pizza in a boat,
But if I ate it I would not float,
I would sink to the bottom
With a glub, glub, glub.
Oh what a price to pay for my grub.


There once was a cat named Melora,
Who started to explora.
She found Ohio,
Then a man asked her "Why-o,"
And then she told him why,
Then he grinned and took her back to Ohio.

William Shakespeare'd better look to his laurels, eh?

*I know that beer isn't the stereotypical drink of Episcopalians, but the many of the Baptists in our area are opposed to any sort of alcoholic beverages and I would prefer Not to have my son glaring at me disapprovingly as I sip my evening glass of wine.  To be fair, the Baptists-Next-Door might be perfectly fine with beer -- I don't know.  And they are lovely people.  A little more fire-and-brimstone than I'm used to, but otherwise extremely nice.


Amy said...

I love the Budweiser poem.

Love, a non-Baptist who attends a Baptist church

They are sneaky like that, so watch out. ;o)

Veronica Boulden said...

You really make me laugh. I love the limerick about the beer. I busted out laughing. My husband and I would be really proud if our daughter wrote that and we would take it as a good sign, too. ;) It's nice to see someone else enjoying their kids so much.