Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy 50th, Ed!

Today was Ed's 50th birthday.  The kids were so excited about the gift they bought him....

Yup, it's a Fry Daddy.  'Cause nothing says, "We love you, Daddy, and we hope to have you around for another fifty years" like a deep fryer, right?  Ed hadn't realized how much he needed one of these, but Travis has been dying to have one for a long time.  In my defense, the kids and I walked around Walmart  for hours  shopping, and the kids could not agree on a gift, and my back was killing me, and when they saw that Fry Daddy (the last in the store, in a bashed in box) and agreed that that was what Daddy needed, it seemed like a pretty great idea to me.  
I bowed to the inevitable this year and let Katie do all the cake decorating.  She took the job very seriously and did it nicely...

We went out and had a wonderful dinner tonight, and Ed says it was a perfect birthday.  I'm glad, because he deserved a good day.

And Katie got new pets in the mail today!  Her painted lady caterpillars arrived (the mailman was intrigued by them), and we have spent much of the afternoon admiring their darling little legs and precious little faces.  

I just hope that it warms up before they turn into butterflies!

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Jules said...

Happy Birthday Ed! :)

I think a fry daddy is a great gift! Derick would love one - he loves to make fried cheese curds and onion rings and all sorts of artery clogging goodness. :)

Maybe it will inspire Ed to be creative and try frying something unusual. :)