Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Katie brought these in on Monday.  Aren't they lovely?  I think maybe I remember that they are grape hyacinths.  Or maybe not.  And it's been a brutal day and I'm not looking them up either.
Here she is, showing me where she found them and pretending to be surprised to see them there.
I love spring!

Going backwards a bit, Katie had her birthday party on Friday, and it was lots of fun.  Most of our bookgroup friends came over, and we gave them sandwiches and cake and they entertained themselves.  I miss having very little children, but not having to come up with party games is very nice.
Here is Ed with our youngest guest.  Isn't she sweet?

Today the children went to an art class in town in the afternoon, then went to Awanas right after dinner.  They came home all excited because they had gotten to read the stories about Daniel they'd written and Travis had won a badge for memorizing the books of the New Testament (which I remember him memorizing before, but he'd gotten rusty and had to re-learn them).  And guess what else they came home with.  Yup!  Giant sized candy!  I don't like to sound paranoid, but I think the Baptists are out to get us.

*Katie and Travis both prefer the bottom picture.  It does show the amazingly beautiful Awana badge better, but I still prefer the top one.


Anonymous said...
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melissa said...

My crocuses(sp/) are just starting to bloom. I think spring might jus actually get here after all!!