Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I believe we have created a new cultural low.
Katie over-microwaved a dinner roll tonight, and immediately after dinner Travis announced that they were going  to go play skittles in the driveway (Ed, if you click on "skittles" I've included a link.).  With a rock hard roll and the contents of our recycling bin.  Last time I checked, Katie was in the lead.

(Formal dress is not required for junkyard skittles.)

Now they have moved on to lacrosse, with the roll and rakes as lacrosse sticks.  It's all about class here.

And in other news, we decided to see if Travis might be old enough to do some mowing this year (without crashing into the house or through the fence, that is).  His assignment was the center of the back yard, and he did a patchy but tolerable (by our low standards) job.  And he didn't destroy anything.

And he had such a good time that he could hardly wait to take his sister for a ride...
(with the blade off, of course).

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