Monday, August 09, 2010

You Win Some, You Lose Some

On Friday afternoon a friend and her children stopped by to visit, and she happened to ask how my garden was doing.  She has gardening expertise, so I quickly took the opportunity to hustle her on back to the garden to get her opinion!  Just in time, too.  I didn't know that the brown tassles on the end of the corn meant it was ready, but apparently that is how you know it is time to pick!  And boy, was that good corn!  Katie and I ate several ears raw, they were just that sweet and tasty.  And as a thank you, I let my friend bring home a tomato horn worm, all covered with wasp eggs, just like the one in this picture...

(Her husband likes creepy crawlies.)

On the loss side, I finally looked up those weird growths on my rose bushes and found that, as I suspected, it is a viral infection and they are most probably doomed.  Rose rosette  is highly contagious, usually fatal, and appears to be present in most of my bushes.  I pruned New Dawn very severely, dug up what was once a beautiful white climber, pruned a couple Knock-out shrubs, and gave up.  It was hot, and the idea of the entire front border being wiped out by rose plague was/is very discouraging.

We had a nice weekend anyway, though.  I got some writing lesson planning done, and the kids found a stash of water balloons...
Actually, they are much better than regular water balloons, as you can swing them around as well as throw them! 

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Melanie said...

How fun! I would dearly love to see a hornworm covered in wasp eggs someday - my hornworms have always been healthy and happy right up until I squish them. :D