Saturday, November 06, 2010

Once Again, My Imagination Failed Me

The children exceeded their quarrelling quota today, but when Katie complained of a tummy ache late in the afternoon, Travis knew just what would make her feel better.  Picture books!  The book version of comfort food!  And, of course, being Travis, he picked picture books about Food.  The Seven Silly Eaters, Simply Delicous, Sweet Dream Pie.  I think she's feeling better.  Of course, we could have avoided the tummy ache in the first place if I had only thought to forbid her purchasing and eating two deep fried candy bars at the community bazaar across the street in the park today.  Ed walked the kids over and left them there -- how much trouble could they get into, after all?  Ha!  One more thing for my List of Things You Wouldn't Have Thought You Needed to Tell Your Kids Not to Do.

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