Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Week in Review

We did math and the Reformation.  A little in the language arts dept., but nothing to write home about.  Latin got a lick and a promise.  Katie wrote a long paper about Martin Luther just for love -- we watched Luther (which required a fair lot of blanket editing) and read Thunderstorm in Church, and despite the many annoying remarks he makes about the inferiority of women in the Vernon book, Katie thinks Luther is marvelous.  We'll leave his anti-semitism for high school.  Anyway, it was a nice week, though not one filled with great academic accomplishments (though Travis Did get through the section on ratios in math, which I had begun to fear we would be stuck in forever).

And now the fun stuff!
The gingerbread houses needed to be at the library on Thursday for the contest (judging on Friday), so of course the kids decorated them Thursday morning!  They both spent Much longer working on them than they have in the past (probably didn't hurt that they got to decorate before starting school!).  Then Friday afternoon, Katie got the call from the library saying that her entry had won.  There was much rejoicing!   Friday night we went to the library to see the puppet show, make crafts, and, of course, collect Katie's prize -- a gift certificate to the downtown bookstore!  We spent quite a while in the bookstore (Katie picked a book, as well as a couple magic tricks for herself and a rubber chicken for Travis), then strolled around mainstreet admiring lights and decorations.  It was a very nice evening!

And Saturday we got snow.... all day!

Katie made a snow man.  Travis made a snow Anne Boleyn.  Harry checked and found that he still doesn't like snow (but appears to have a very short memory -- he ran outside again this morning and waited until I had struggled into my boots before he scampered back inside).

This morning the sky was/is clear and gorgeous.  The kids hurried over to the park to do some sliding before the snow melted.

It was very pretty but cold
Emma  has the right idea...

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