Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Missing My Boy

We dropped Travis off at camp on Sunday.  We think it is a good camp, with lots of responsible (if somewhat shaggy) counselors, safety guidelines, etc., etc.  Otherwise, of course, we wouldn't have left him.  But still... leaving my little (okay, not really so little... how about young and a bit erratic?) boy in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, three hours away!  This is his third year, so I know he's having a fantastic time, but I miss him and I worry.  Sigh.

Still, we keep pottering on here.  I've done a lot of fun reading, nothing to do with lesson planning for next year at all.  Tomorrow that all changes.  Tomorrow I am going to buckle down and learn how to teach The Lost Tools of Writing, The Art of Argument, and Teaching the Classics: Worldview Supplement.  And enter the rest of Katie's math lessons for this school year (no sense rushing these things) into Homeschool Tracker.  Tomorrow I will be motivated and efficient!

Katie moped yesterday, but today she painted!

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Dy said...

I love Katie's painting! And I'm floored at how tall T's gotten! How do they do this so stealthily? Is he home yet? Did you get things entered? I haven't even started thinking about starting up again, yet. *sighs and glances at the shelf* I need a self-planning year. ;-)