Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Fall!

How did I miss this for so long?  Only a couple days ago I realized that this perfectly good Flat Surface, within arm's length of my chair, was Meant to be a bookcase. (This may be tempting fate just a little, given our history of leaking windows, but who could resist?) Of course, if we have another earthquake, The Classical Tradition, which weighs six pounds (with its jacket on) will squash me flat.  And then Ed can put something clever about "Crushed by her Aspirations" on my tombstone. The children will appreciate the irony, anyway.

In other news, I spotted one of the sure signs of fall this weekend...
An outhouse with convenient letter slots in the sides?  That's what we thought too the first year we saw it. But no.  Our neighbor's bathroom is still functioning.  It is actually his deer blind!  He takes it off to the woods when deer season starts, and it must be quite a good one, because he always comes back from his outings with lots of dead deer.

And speaking of dead deer...
Ha!!!!  Got you, Daddy!  Harry is So looking forward to your visit!!!

Sorry.  Here are some flowers (well, pretty weeds, anyway!).  Forgive me?

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