Friday, October 14, 2011

Poetry Friday

Today the children were to write a four line poem, using either iambic, trochaic, dactylic, or anapestic feet and either tetrameter or pentameter. Here is Katie's...

The Doughnut Crisis
I have a doughnut big and round.
He weighs about a thousand pound.
He is a good and loving friend,
But sadly soon his days will end.

Perfect iambic tetrameter! (and it always pays to choose a subject you are passionate about!)

and Travis's...
his is more...ahh... psychedelic is the best I can come up with.  But, it is also in iambic tetrameter, and that was what I required.

Quest for the Witch's Pants
The three shrimp drove the mustard car,
But then my pretzel did a dance,
Because it knew the singing jar,
Then two hams stole the witch's pants.

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KathyJo said...

Heh. Those were fun. And Travis may be the next Lewis Carroll.