Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas, Relatives, Etc.!

I would have Sworn that I posted Christmas pictures, but I guess that must have been Facebook.  Phooey.  Well, Christmas was FABULOUS.  The best Ever, according to Travis!  And it really was, too.  Perfect.  No disappointments for anyone, no missing batteries or misunderstandings.  Just joy, gratitude, laughter, and love.

And then my brother came.  With his family.  .....  And it was Great!
His kids are growing up to be really Nice People, his girlfriend is just as Sweet as can be, and we had a wonderful week of visiting, eating, and hiking.

And one day we had my aunt and her husband here too!  We talked books, homeschooling (they homeschooled Their kids, back before it was mainstream and easy!), etc., and went out to eat.  We haven't seen them in a while, and it was So nice to get together! (And, of course, this is the first Christmas we've gotten to spend with my Parents. I wish it hadn't taken them so Long to realize they wanted to live nearby, but now that we have them here we are trying to make up for lost time (and games of Bananagrams!) and having loads of fun!)

 (this is the closet Katie made for her American Girl clothes.  It has drawers for shoes and jewelry!)

(Here we are holding my Yule Log.  It turned out bigger than I expected, but tasty!)

(Katie rushing to her stocking, which had a chocolate filled "candy cane" in it.  She didn't notice the bike for a while!)

(The cats Loved their catnip bag!)

This Nintendo 3DS was Travis's dream come true!

This "zipper purse" is the Coolest thing!

Sadly, these cookies are gone.  They were Good!

The Transformer he'd been hoping for -- yay!!!

These Angry Birds are smooching!

Katie, painting her first oil paint portrait!

My dad and the kids on Wolf Rock.

Here are my mom and her sister, looking at photos together!

My brother gave us a doughnut maker!  It makes yummy little doughnuts.

We brought the kitchen table into the dining room, and all eleven of us were able to sit down to dinner!
 The kids' table.

My brother treated us to a cookout at Stone Mountain.

 The kids at the Stone Mountain summit.  The view is gorgeous!

And here is Katie, with the cake she made tonight for dessert.  It was from her new Harry Potter Cookbook.  A home-economics "A+"!

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