Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Fine Day Out!

We did math this morning and then went to Stone Mountain with my parents for a hike and a picnic!  Academically speaking, I called it P.E. and science.  The kids thought we were playing hooky.  Everyone was happy!

 Here Katie is observing nature (lichens, right?).

This is one of my favorite pictures!  Travis talked to my dad non-stop while we walked. From what I overheard, he covered Apple products, MineCraft, Lord of the Rings, MyLikes, Apple products (a lot of this!), Fox News, ESRB, Microsoft, Harry Potter, space, time travel, the moon, Mars, trees on the moon, future video games, Smeagol and Dobby, etc., etc.). Travis appreciated a new-ish, relatively tolerant audience for his obsessions.

Katie's gravity defying rock tower!

 Katie points the way (while looking noble!).

Despite my instructions, the kids Did get their feet wet.

Katie is not wearing a life jacket here -- that is her jacket, slung around her neck and worn in the front (at least I wasn't carrying it!).

I promised the kids ice cream if they hiked (and there you thought they just loved nature and exercise!), but when we'd finished and stopped by the ice cream place we found that they were closed!  Apparently the park doesn't have a huge lot of traffic in the middle of the week in December -- who'd have guessed?  

So, after we got home, Ed went out for some groceries.  Mostly ice cream -- wasn't that nice of him?

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