Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Stuff

The decoration boxes have been opened and we are in Advent/Christmas mode here! Katie did most of the decorating this year -- my contribution to the Holiday Spirit is to remind the kids to practice their holiday piano pieces.  Oh, and I've compiled a list of the cookies I'll make once I buy all the ingredients, ordered the cards, and done most of the shopping (still have some "purchase" buttons to hit, but at least I have a plan!).  Not so shabby, really! And, of course, we are doing school.  Last week in history was the war with Mexico (over Texas), and this week we learned about the Oregon Trail.  To be honest, I find this period a little dull -- I enjoy the Victorians more -- but Travis is looking forward to the Civil War (I have No idea why, but friends of his are very interested, so I suppose that explains it.). Katie likes coloring Victorian gowns while I read aloud, but gets terribly upset when the settlers or Indians behave badly, which, unfortunately, they do with some regularity.

Last Sunday after church we got our tree! We had planned to go to our usual place, but during coffee hour a friend mentioned that a member of the congregation had a tree farm (we hadn't known) and was getting out of the business for health reasons. So we went to Joe's tree farm and Joe and his wife welcomed us warmly (they have to miss church on the big tree-selling weekends before Christmas), showed us around the place, and gave us the beautiful tree which Katie picked out! What a blessing!

(Here Katie is, with her Perfect tree!)

As I said, Katie did most of the decorating, and I think she did a great job!

(Do I look tired here?  Evidently I was. When I was taking pictures off my camera today I came across this...
After decorating the tree we sat down to watch something educational.  I was Not wearing a Santa hat when the show started, but the kids wanted to be sure I was warm. At least, that's the excuse they gave me!

And here is Katie doing science with Ed. Completing an electrical circuit is always exciting!

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