Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snow Day

We drove up to church this morning to find only the priest there. He told us church was cancelled (and the e-mail sent out around 8:20 am, after I checked) due to the weather. Since it was just drizzling down where we live and light flurries up the mountain, I was kind of annoyed, but we quickly resigned ourselves to a peaceful Sunday at home.
And by mid-afternoon it started doing this...

It was a nice day for reading, crafts,

and Latin quizzes!
(Don't let his frazzled expression fool you -- he actually spent most of his day messing around on the computer! But he has perfected his Tragic, Persecuted look and it would be a shame not to share.)

And eventually there was enough snow (barely!) for the kids to go out and play in it.
 Ed did not particularly want to go out, but Katie is very persuasive!
This is Travis's snow mage, with his faithful pig companion,

and Katie's Very Happy snow (and grass and mud) man. Doesn't he look sweet and trusting?

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