Sunday, February 12, 2012


Late last week one of our co-op moms asked on the e-mail loop what we had planned for Valentines Day.  Sigh. 
I had in mind buying a few boxes of chocolates for my family at Walmart.  Another slacker mom and I tried suggesting that the kids might have outgrown Valentines parties, but we were called out as Valentine grinches and shamed into participation. 

So I bought Travis a box of Valentines to print names on (he Has outgrown the "valentines for the whole class" thing), and Katie made hers. With the glitter which I forgot to throw out after cleaning up last year's glitter mess.  This year I didn't forget. But she had fun.

And we made cookies to share. That really was fun!
Here Katie is dipping cake balls (strawberry cake crumbled up and mixed with chocolate frosting) in coating chocolate...

and making cards (this picture is pre-glitter).

And here are our heart cookies. They are very good.

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