Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had a beautiful Easter service up at church today. Everything -- the weather, the homily, the choir, the liturgy, and the food -- were all perfect! And afterwards we came home to a lovely afternoon. My parents and my uncle, who is visiting, joined us for bunny cake and conversation in the afternoon. It was a great day.

Only silly old Blogger (or maybe it is my computer) is giving me trouble. So the pictures you see first are from a hike we took with my parents a little over a week ago. And the Easter pictures come further down the page!
But aren't the blue flowers pretty?  And the lizard?

 It was a good day for moss and lichens.

 And flowering trees.

And now we get to Easter. Almost. We decorated eggs yesterday. I kind of like the kids' slight sneers. You just know they are thinking, "She's been taking pictures of us decorating eggs since we were toddlers. You'd think she'd have enough by now."

 Here is the trifle I made for dessert on Saturday. You might think it was a bit festive for Holy Saturday. Well, you'd be right. But my parents came over for dinner and they are heading back to Maine soon, so I wanted something pretty. And we did our taxes on Saturday, which certainly balanced out all that Cool Whip-y goodness and caused our spirits to be appropriately somber.

And here is the bunny. He has become a tradition.

And now we are at Easter! Katie was very excited about the Barbie outfits in her basket, but even More excited about the chocolate bunny!

Travis. He had a hard time waking up.

I thought we might have outgrown hunting for eggs, but apparently not.

 The bunny does not consider gravity and shaky old houses when he hides the eggs, either...

Harry wanted me to appreciate how noble he had been in Not molesting any eggs.
 Travis and his navy blue egg.

My dad and my uncle (brothers). There might have been some silliness, and I can't say that nobunny was hurt.

But we had a great time!

My uncle brought us matzos and matzo meal. I've never made matzo balls before, but I think Ed and the kids will like them. And I introduced them to matzos smeared with margarine. A gourmet treat!
 Ed likes them with Motor Trend.
Happy Easter!!!!!

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The Riding Librarian said...

I didn't know we had twin cats! Glad you guys had a nice Easter. We did too. Even went to (gasp) church.