Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, to both of the wonderful fathers in my life!
First, to my daddy...
who here is feeding cereal to a very little me, but that's okay because that is the way they did things in the mid-60's. 

Plus, he suffered the consequences of starting me on solid foods early!

Thank you, Daddy, for being my perfect daddy and a Wonderful Paba to my children!

We love you!

And then, thank you to my darling Ed! Our children are blessed to have you for their daddy!

(Isn't he great? Look at the way he is holding out the last bite of his ice cream sandwich to me! And Ed really loves ice cream!)

We had a good week. The kids had Vacation Bible School with the sweet Baptists-Next-Door every evening this week (they didn't get out until 9:00, so we had some sleep to make up this weekend!). They had a good time, though Travis found that he disagreed with them on some points of theology. Well, and maybe some other stuff. Katie just had fun. And on Friday we went over to watch the kids sing the songs they'd learned, receive awards, etc.
The kids have some of Ed's fine qualities, but I'm afraid they got their "singing and making broad hand motions in front of an audience" ability from me. Which means, they just can't. Fortunately it is not a skill Episcopalians much need. The ice cream sundae bar afterwards was excellent.

It has been a beautiful weekend. Sweater cool in the mornings (by my standards), but warm enough in the afternoon for the kids to swim (well, for Katie anyway. Travis, who has zero body fat, freezes, but I make him swim anyway. Because it is good for him.)

Harry. For some reason he prefers to sleep on top of something. Books. My shoes. Clean clothes. Anything that might be improved by a nice layer of cat hair.

And, finally, here is one of your hydrangea bushes, Daddy! Ignore the weeds, please. But isn't it pretty?

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